Technical information

Heating system

Radiator heating in the office and calorifiers in the warehouse.

The heating medium is water, which is heated according to the outdoor temperature in the gas boiler house.


Ventilation system

Heat recovery ventilation equipment in offices and utility rooms, exhaust fans in the storage room equipped with fresh air grilles.

Cooling system can be adjusted for every rental space, on a floor basis.


Electrical supply

High current: general lighting inside the building in accordance with current standards, possibility to install illuminated advertisements.

Low current: readiness of technical surveillance of the rental space in the building, programmable access control system in each unit.


Spatial solutions

The net height of the ceiling in the office is 2.85 m on the first floor, 2.95 m on the second floor. The height of the warehouse below the trusses is 6.40 m, up to the profile sheet 8.0–8.5 m.

The storage room is free of pillars.



Video surveillance provided of the perimeter of the building; the property is fenced.


Building materials


Doors between warehouse and office – metal fire resistant doors

External doors – glass doors with aluminium frame

Glass facade – PVC glass facade, with triple glazing

Warehouse windows – PVC windows

Smoke exhaust ventilators – transparent

Overhead doors with the dimensions of 4.4 × 4.1 (height x width); equipped with automation devices and service doors



Warehouse – sandwich panel attached to steel pillars

The external walls of the office block are built of concrete hollow blocks



Warehouse – profile sheet based on steel trusses; insulation in the form of EPS sheets; PVC roofing

Office – intermediate and roof ceiling made of concrete hollow blocks; insulation in the form of EPS plates; PVC roofing



Warehouse – clean concrete floor treated with surface hardener; the thickness is dimensioned for a maximum point load of 40 kN

Office – concrete floor with a thickness of 80 mm; finishing according to the interior design solution

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