Ringtee Stock is a double floor commercial building by the Tallinn roundabout. The building has units, that combine warehouse, office and representative office spaces. Ringtee Stock’s location on the roundabout highway allows good access to the Tartu and St. Petersburg highways and to the city of Tallinn via Suur-Sõjamäe. In addition, according to the Road Administration, up to 20,000 cars daily make us of this specific section of the Tallinn roundabout, which means very good visibility for tenants.

It is also a constantly evolving area: new buildings are being built along the Tallinn roundabout and the nearby Väo junction will be reconstructed in the near future, which will further improve the surrounding traffic flow. A Rail Baltic route and terminal are also planned near the Ringtee Stock.

It is possible to rent a commercial space of suitable size in the building, which may be used as a warehouse / production space and / or office space according to the tenant’s wishes. The available spaces range in size from 500 to 600 m2 and can be combined to form up to 3,400 m2 of commercial space.

The energy efficiency of a building is characterised by low ancillary costs. The location of office and warehouse space allows the future tenant to make an efficient use of space.

The building was completed in June 2020.

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